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Standing in the Power of our Truth

Ruth Gould-Goodman's book points us in the right direction--inward towards the Great Mystery that is the core of our being, and outlines the manifestation process in a way everyone can understand. The feminine, the receptive 'source of energy behind all things', receives the imprint from the masculine 'expressing itself through intention and belief'. Her premise is 'when we learn how to hold a balanced relationship between these two polarities, we gain the power to create new realities rather than consuming the ones in front of us.' Her words awaken our dormant knowing of the power we have to create a divine interaction between the feminine and masculine aspects of our own being--thus actualizing the possibility of consciously becoming a mature, fluid, creative, grounded, peaceful human being--capable of standing in the power of our truth and shining our light into the world.

-- Joan Heartfield, Ph.D. Director, Divine Feminine Awakened Masculine Institute, Haiku, Hawaii


Philosophical Queen

...In ‘The Sacred Book of U’, Ruth Gould-Goodman is composing the universe as the voice of the knowing of Sophia (the true root of philosophy). This book attends to life and sensual truth; this is the artistry of consciousness and thus it is not making it up--rather telling the natural truth that frees self to embrace self, release our old tired god forms and seek the human form divine. Ruth is by nature a philosophical queen."


"Tapping into Being Receptive to the Sacred YOU "

This is a very intuitive, very powerful writing that goes beyond most dialogues and discussions that we are all sacred beings into practical approaches of moving from our baggaged selves into more divine connection. Ruth Gould-Goodman has a unique way of capturing exactly how the process of negative or harmful interactions, abuse, etc growing up seep into our core being and then become personality and life scripts for us both in our cognitions and in our body. She then shares the process of re-connecting to that inner core and into the spaces of what she eloquently terms the "unformed", the spaces within that as we journey into more wholeness and divine connection are unsure and undefined. and discusses the balance of the receptive feminine of the unformed that then connects back to source. Ruth incorporates body somatic and breath connection techniques as pivotal. Her "Sacred Book of U" has many wonderful excerpts from her own personal journey and some exercises for the reader. Her writing is passionate, powerful and empowering for all.


Powerful and compassionate insights, a genuine spiritual gem!

When I think of Buddha, Christ and Ruth Gould-Goodman, my heart rejoices, for I know that Miss Gould-Goodman's words are helping to create a new shift in consciousness during my lifetime, just as numerous other spiritual teachers have been doing for thousands of years... Thank you very much for sharing your journey with us!

    • Floresa Esteves, “Fellow Traveller”


    Truly, it’s all within “U”’

    The Sacred Book of U is wonderful -- this book is not only an exploration of the deep feminine, but a virtual how-to manual for tapping into the wisdom of the physical body. Ruth Gould-Goodman shows a vast and comprehensive understanding of the power of that comes through inhabiting our physical body. The Sacred Book of U can truly show you how to tap into the wisdom of the ages – truly, it’s all within “U”.

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