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Birthing Place

The birthing place is the interface in our psyche between our individual identity (or sense of ourselves) and the Cosmos. It is the membrane where the infinite creative potential distills into finite expression through us. The keys to the birthing place include the cultivation of the capacity to not know; to be unformed; to be open; to not have agenda; to function from the infinity of love instead of the contraction of fear. The birthing place is our personal access to the potent, attuned and aligned creativity of cosmic intelligence.


core matrix

The center is a moving target. To access the power of our center, we must understand how to allow the wave of breath to unfold through the center of our matrix. It has an organic sequence and the exact progression through every bone matters. La Madre Yoga teaches us how to track the breath as it unfolds through the spine so that we can ride the wave and access the power and ease of the core matrix. This is not a mechanical teaching, but a teaching from the inside out. As a teacher, I guide my students to allow the energy itself to teach you how to live from your core matrix.

cosmic intelligence

Cosmic intelligence can be accessed by each of us, through attunement to the universe’s pulsation using the sacred instrument of our body’s central channel. From there, you can access the live intelligence which is living within you. You align with it just by bringing your attention to it, inviting the internal information you receive to shift and transform you. As your own truth resonates with it, a deeper access to life energy becomes available. It is now time for those of us who have done underground work to come forward as self-realized embodiments of these deep teachings!

La Madre Yoga and Conscious Body Energetics are developed to get you to have a direct experience of the fact that you are a finite expression of the infinity of Cosmic Intelligence. The process guides you into your body to access you own body wisdom and body knowing. You recognize every impulse moving through you as an expression of divine origin. You will learn how to say "Yes" to that impulse and express it positively.

La Madre Breath (pranayama)

We delude ourselves by thinking that we are the ones breathing. Deeper perception tells us that we are, in fact, being breathed by life. When we attune to ourselves as a breathing process, there ensues an awakening of our consciousness to this life force. It teaches us not to take our life for granted.

portal to power

Portals are very important. In fact, we have the capacity to open the mind door to our own multi-dimensional knowing.
For me, the secret portal is the portal to the deep feminine. This gateway is guarded and not everyone can get in, because this doorway responds to your every nuance of thought. You cannot hide anything, for it is your own mind looking at itself. The key to the portal is your own trust of life. You must trust life enough to be willing to jump into your own unknown. Most of us are terrified of our own unchartered territories and will immediately move into fear. La Madre Yoga and Conscious Body Energetics (CBE) are physical practices I have developed to guide people to this portal and teach them to make friends with the darkest part of their being.


Self-healing: The art of rewiring and reframing
We are our own healers. We are here on this planet to learn to activate the power of our mind. We learn by experiencing the pain which is the result of our misuse and misalignment of our intention and attention with the truth of the interconnectedness of all being. We have the power to heal, to go underneath appearances to the fluid substrate of infinite cosmic intelligence. We have the power to come into right relationship and heal ourselves. Each time we confront an old pain, we place a new frame around an old experience and rewire our body from the fragmentation of fear back to wholeness.
I guide people into a self-healing relationship with their mind and body both with my individual healing sessions, and in the group yoga and expressive movement and tonal sound experiences. I teach them to rewire and reframe instantaneously.

sonic prayer

I have been interested in how people come together as community and align their attention and intention to create a world together. Using the most elemental vocal toning techniques, I have been holding space for groups to learn to co-create a present moment together through the making of a SOUNDSCAPETM together. I want people to move into the formless and to find their way together. This is not a mantra or prescribed song, but a moving into the unchartered and unknown together. The structure comes from the warm-up in which I entrain everyone to their own body center and their own breath pulse.
I ask people to listen to the sound the group is creating together, and to weave the thread of their own individual creative sound into the tapestry of the group sound. This is a very deep exercise in simultaneously listening to one’s deep creative impulse while being a part of a group creative effort.
Once the group is attuned and resonant, I then ask the group to attune themselves to their deepest prayer for peace and to pray sonically together with that intention. It is a very powerful and satisfying practice. To lead it, you must be in a state of great trust and understand how to hold the field both sonically and vibrationally. I have been leading these circles for the past ten years after receiving a vision of the whole planet joyously harmonizing themselves with their voices. I have a vision of doing a practice like this as a response to the impulse to war. Can you imagine a 10 million people creating a sonic prayer together?

spiritual keys

Trust. Faith. Surrender. Gratitude.
Four words to create heaven on earth. We practice embodying these words through dancing and singing and wording the flow of life force that moves through the center of our being. These words must become a living breathing part of our every moment consciousness. La Madre Yoga, Conscious Body Energetics and Tantrika bring the spiritual keys of trust, faith, surrender and gratitude into a grounded focused practice that can then be brought into every aspect of your life.


Tantrika: One who Practices Sacred Tantric Dance
Entry into the body is the portal to a direct connection to our divine nature. Tantrika is the practice of a precise devotion to the pulse of life as it unfolds through the living- breathing-dancing map of our body. In order to be able to translate divine wisdom to be available in our everyday world, we must literally learn to dance with the energy of life. Wisdom, once isolated in caves and monasteries, must now live in the roar and shout of the big city. To enter the noise of so much distraction and be able to hear the divine breathing us, we must practice grounding our mind in the ocean of wisdom in the middle of immense chaos.

Tantrika teaches our mind to track a moving target, to experience the honey of the divine in a living, breathing model. We learn to allow all manner of energy to flow through us and to be translated into action. A Tantrika practices being present to the movement of the divine in the material world of the living-breathing- moving body. The divine is here, and we learn to marry the polarities of existence within the laboratory of our own body. The practice looks like dance and is the deepest dance. It is the dance of the true marriage of the spirit, soul and material, physical universe. When we grow quiet enough to experience this union as the essential truth of our existence, this marriage is recognized as the ecstatic presence of the Beloved, dancing us. Paradoxically, our body is our portal to help us transcend the illusion of the finite and separate expression of the body. Enter this door, jump and fall through all that you fear into the ecstatic truth of your divine nature.

Ruth Gould-Goodman