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Hello, my name is Ruth Gould-Goodman. Welcome to my website! Here, you will be introduced to a unique practice of Movement, Sound, Meditation, and Energy Healing.

Over 35 years ago, I entered into the deep universe of feminine energy to heal what was fractured within me. Based upon the direct relationship I now have with the Deep Feminine, I am able to guide people—whether through hands-on healing, movement and breath, or vocal tonal work—to open themselves up to be a direct conduit for their own life-force.

My body practice, La Madre Yoga, is not about teaching forms, as is typically done in yoga, martial arts, or dance. Instead, La Madre Yoga teaches you to connect with the source of ALL forms. You will tune into the “map” of your own body—to understand spiritually, emotionally, and energetically what you may now only understand at an intellectual level. This work gets you beyond words, concepts, and names through a very sophisticated guidance of your own consciousness to re-weave itself within your body.

When you come back to your body in this way, you can return to the same deep awareness of those who are in touch with Mother Earth—such as the indigenous peoples of the world—even in an urban environment. By returning to the yoginic matrix of your body, you plug back into the encoded intelligence behind all of Life.

Although all spiritual traditions teach about enlightened consciousness, many people find it difficult to make the knowledge their own. I am here to translate the teachings into a simple, accessible and embodied process. As a “guru-less Guru,” my job is to guide you to recognize the truth already living within you. That is the magic of my teaching! Please enjoy this site. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Ruth Gould-Goodman