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Fees & Gift Certificates

“Simply entering the formless without knowing how to ground energy in your body, will leave you flapping in the wind like a sail that has no tension.”
--Ruth Gould-Goodman

Encoded in the body are the laws of creation. La Madre Yoga entrains our mind to ground in the time/space co-ordinates of our body map. It utilizes the sensations of the breath unwinding along the spine to help us decode and translate information as it moves through our central channel. When we anchor the unfolding creativity to the body, we can ground and activate this potential energy. It is a deeply self-healing process, teaching us to trust and be informed by life—natural medicine for our modern times!

Treat or introduce a family member, friend, or loved one to the special work of La Madre Yoga—whether through a series of breathing classes, a private session with Ruth, or a first time introductory session.

Group Classes (Venice Garden Tent Studio)
Drop-in - $20
Two classes for $30
 5 Classes for $85
10 Classes for $150

Private Healing Session (60 min with Ruth, Venice or Santa Monica locations)
First Time Introductory + One follow-up - $275
Single session - $175
3 Sessions - $450

Gift Certificates
To purchase a gift certificate, please call (310) 392-3612. It can be mailed to you or you can pick it up.

Ruth Gould-Goodman