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Conscious Body Energetics (CBE) is the modality used in Ruth Gould-Goodman’s private sessions with clients. Developed in 1992, this work incorporates body, vibration, and energy. It is a self-healing modality that cultivates the power of the mind to shift focus in the body to activate different states of being. As a ‘hands-on’ modality, CBE attunes to the subtle body and communes directly with the body’s wisdom through intentional touch. CBE uses the pathway of the meridians, but instead of using needles to redirect the body back to balance, harmony and flow, it utilizes touch, rocking, and holding of energy field polarities to invite the body to surrender to its own healing capacity. The work cultivates the ability to hold two points of focus simultaneously, and is thus both a direct hands-on and a non-local healing practice.

Conscious Body Energetics was created by Ruth as a response to her understanding of the body's need for nurturance and connectedness in order to gain access to the causal level of a particular imbalance. Ruth believes that healing must be self-activated in order for the one being healed to truly understand that one has created what one is healing. As a touch-generated teaching, CBE reframes and rewires the belief systems and thought forms generating the imbalance. CBE empowers any internal spiritual practice by assisting the client to identify basic mappings within his or her body, and to allow the mind to move in new ways through the body. This practice eventually opens up the capacity to read other people’s energy field. It thus also teaches us to help others to self-heal.

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Ruth Gould-Goodman