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The Sacred Book of U
reveals a direct and accessible path to enlightenment by bringing forth a radically feminine approach to spirituality. The Sacred Book of U describes a gentle loving process that guides us to embody the divinity of our human form. This book’s philosophy and techniques reveal a path to enlightenment, accessible for both men and women. Through personal memoir, poetry and philosophical discussion, the author recounts spiritual epiphanies arising out of her everyday experiences. She discovers that listening to her body’s language of pain and pleasure guides her to recognize exactly how she is creating the experiences of her life... Ironically it is tracking the path of pain that brings her to the door of self-mastery.

“This book invites us to reset our own personal operating system as an embodied spiritual process.”

  • We learn from our creative intelligence alive in the sensual immediacy of our physical body.
  • We honor a gentle loving process to embody our experience as truth in human form divine.
  • We embrace a functional philosophy with easy to grasp techniques that lead to enlightenment.

"U" represents the sacred vessel which fulfills itself the moment it is filled by YOU - with YOURSELF.

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